Single Family Residential Projects:

Project: Yen Residence Location: Santa Monica Architect: RTK & Associates

Project: Maffeo Residence Location: Sherman Oaks Architect: RTK & Associates

Project: Bel Air Crest Custom Home Location: Bel Air, California Architect: Architopia

Completing a residential project successfully requires not only outstanding technical ability but also a deep understanding of the client's needs. The engineer must meet the personal desires of the future occupants while creating a sound structure that will last for generations to come. Technical expertise in a wide array of building types is a must as residential projects can range widely in style, from the contemporary to the classic. In any residential project, the engineer/designer's first and foremost concern is the creation of an accommodating and comfortable personal space for the future occupants. Additionally, since these projects are often funded from personal resources, effective cost control is imperative. Sigma Consulting Engineers has years of experience and the technical know-how to design any residential project, but more importantly, we are highly sensitive to the personal desires as well as the financial constraints of our clients when it comes to undertaking the design of residential spaces. Our concern has always translated into our client's satisfaction.



Multi-family Residential Projects:

Project: El Patio Condominiums Location: Santa Monica Architect: RTK & Associates

Project: Corning Court Condominiums Location: Los Angeles Architect: O.M. Architecture

Project: Santa Monica Breeze Condominiums Location: Santa Monica Architect: Murray/Marshall Architects

Multi-family residential structures marry together the efficient use of space with the personalization and comfort necessary in a home. Often this calls for imagination and versatility on the part of the engineer. Sigma Consulting Engineers ensures the safety and stability of these multi-storied buildings while meeting the strict budgetary constraints of the developer or owner.


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