Seismic Evaluation and Upgrade Projects:

Project: Kipling Hotel Location: Los Angeles

Project: Pixie Town Location: Beverly Hills

Project: Reeder Building Location: Beverly Hills

Southern California is renowned as being one of the most volatile seismically active zones. The metropolitan Los Angeles area and its suburbs consist of a large number of older buildings that are not up to date in terms of complying with current seismic safety codes. The Governing Building Codes often mandate and recommend the seismic retrofit of many such structures, including unreinforced brick, concrete tilt-up, masonry wall and concrete frame buildings. The City of Los Angeles is requiring that URM buildings, one by one, are evaluated in terms of their construction and analyzed for their seismic resisting elements. If necessary, the buildings may need to be redesigned for seismic safety. Such structures often lack the original drawings and documentation. The engineer must therefore have a comprehensive understanding of these structures so that the project can be successfully executed. Additionally, a skilled engineer can often maintain the aesthetic charm of these buildings while creating an economically feasible seismic retrofit plan. Sigma Consulting is an expert in the area of seismic evaluation and upgrading. In the aftermath of the Northridge Earthquake alone, Sigma provided seismic evaluation and upgrading for over 500 earthquake-compromised buildings in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. We can provide you with inspection services, prepare reconstruction drawings and even accurately estimate the damage and costs involved.



Forensic Engineering Projects

Project: 2-Story Office Building and Parking Structure Location: Chatsworth, CA

Project: 18-Unit Condominium Building Location: Huntington Beach, CA

Project: 112 Units in 17 Townhome Buildings Location: Thousand Oaks, CA

Project: 10 Units in 5 Townhome Buildings Location: Venice Beach

Project: 90 Unit Condominium Building Location: Los Angeles, CA

Forensic engineering is a specialized field consisting of investigation and analysis of a structure, in order to identify design and construction deficiencies. It is imperative for the forensic engineer to be a practicing design engineer, well versed in both the technical aspects of engineering design and the current and past building codes. Analysis capabilities, design and field experience, as well as a demonstrated track record of expertise in this field are essential. Sigma Consulting Engineers is proud to possess the necessary qualifications to provide its clients with this highly specialized service. Selected as an expert witness for both prosecution and defense teams, Sigma Consulting Engineers maintains a perfect record of success in depositions, arbitrations, and mediations. Our engineers are prepared to conduct any necessary exploratory testing as well as to present their findings accurately with the discretion and competency that these delicate legal proceedings often require.

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